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How to deal with natural light URSA mini 4.6k

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  • How to deal with natural light URSA mini 4.6k

    Hi guys,
    Next week I'll shoot a short movie, the first one with my gorgeous Ursa mini 4.6K and Contax lenses. It's a very small project and we'll move a lot so I don't think I'll bring any light. We'll mostly shoot during sunrise and sunset. I'd like to know if you guys have any recommandation about White balancing this kind of light (I'll shoot Prores I think so WB needs to be perfect and I know it's not always easy with this kind of light).

    I'd also like to know if you know LUTs which suits great with the camera as a base. For the moment I'm using the BMD 4.6K to REC709v3 but I'm not entirely satisfied by this. I must say that the perfect LUT to me was the CaptainHook one for BMPCC. If you think about LUTs that are pretty must the same I'd be greatful to you.

    Thanks a lot for your help. This forum is the best place for every BMD owner

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    I would get Kholi's luts - the comet color one's. No question


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      If you want to get semi decent results, you can try shoot everything at 4500K and grade it up or down as needed. Of course, I would test this beforehand if possible, but I've had no issues shooting almost everything at that balance (Outside of tungsten lit scenes, of course).

      As for LUTs, I would recommend trying out Frank Glencairn's LUT found in this thread. It's wonderful!


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        Good luck to your movie! You can make it especially with the use of Contax lenses and Ursa mini. The collaboration of this high-quality tools will bring astounding results to your short movie. CaptainHook is fine but I’m not really sure which is the best one since it’s not that easy with regards to white balancing. I agree that you need to do trial and error to get the perfect results. Good luck to all the factors of your project not just in terms of white balancing but also other factors as well.


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          Shooting outside in golden hour means that the brightness and color cast CAN and MAY change on almost every single shot, even from take to take one minute apart. Be prepared to deal with that in post.

          Another reason to shoot RAW.
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