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Fuse/lighting question (or 'please help me not catch fire')

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  • Fuse/lighting question (or 'please help me not catch fire')

    Hi BMC community

    I have three Sachtler 300H lights. They're small 300 watt tungsten lights and I'm trying to replace the fuses, without being able to reliably identify what was used originally.

    The plug states a 3 AMP fuse is needed, with 5 A in brackets. I assume this means 3A, but 5A would be acceptable? The plug itself is European, encased in a kind of UK adapter, which I haven't seen before.

    There is a second fuse in the main light housing which, again, I'm not used to. The old one appears to be 2.5 AMPS.

    I'm guessing that the plug fuse protects the cabling and the other fuse protects the lights itself? I also assume that the bulb itself acts as a kind of fuse? Can anyone give me a quick overview of what's going on and confirm I'm choosing the right fuses?

    I'm reading up on all this, but would appreciate advice specific to this kind of light and can't see much in the manual. Thanks.


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    I have rewired blown glass fuses with new fuse wire of the correct amperage. The metal end caps of the glass fuses usually twist off with a bit of care. In each end cap is a hole with the original fuse wire soldered into the hole. I melt the solder and pull the remaining bits of fuse wire out. I blow out the original solder from each end cap. I then re-assemble the caps to the glass and thread the new wire through, then solder the ends a quickly as I can to not melt the replacement wire and also to avoid thermal shock to the glass tube. Sourcing that fine fuse wire may be a challenge these days.

    Please heed the better advice of others who reply here. It is really best to leave tampering with mains power to qualified electricians rather than set a possible ambush for some innocent user of your lights down the track.


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      P (Power ,watts ) = I ( current, amps) X E (volts)

      so if the light requires 300watts and your voltage is 220 ( I assume as you are in Eu ) then it's drawing around 300/220 = 1.36 amps. So a 3 amp fuse should be fine.
      the (5) might refer to it being a slow blow fuse, I can't remember. But if you can match it then you should be fine. worse case, if it's too small it will do it's job and blow.

      might be some info here
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