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Matching 5D Mrk3 w/ Ursa Mini 4.6k - Need tips suggestions

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  • Matching 5D Mrk3 w/ Ursa Mini 4.6k - Need tips suggestions

    Hey there,
    I have a gig tomorrow where I will be using my Ursa Mini 4.6k as the main camera and the 2nd camera will be the Canon 5D Mark III.

    It is a 2 person interview (shot / counter shot conversation type thing)

    1080 is find for this but I am wondering what settings would be best on both the Ursa Mini and the 5D to relieve headaches in post as the edit needs to be turned around quickly.
    Any suggestions are very much welcome.

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    The only trouble I get into with stuff like this is, 8-bit footage. So just remember the Canon is the weaker of the two, and you should shoot your material with the idea that you're going to match to the Canon footage. I don't mean you should try to match the profiles, that can be it's own headache and it's easier to color correct the differences later IMO. Just don't shoot your Ursa footage so flat that you have trouble pushing your Canon footage later. People put too much emphasis on shooting flat. Have some balls, make a decision, and get the Canon to look as good as you can in the field. Later it will be easier to match the Ursa to that than to try to push the Canon to where it should be. If you're going to put effort into matching anything, try to use similar lenses.


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      Just make sure you're not shooting outside of the dynamic range of the Canon and it will turn out OK. I often have to pair a BM or RED with a Canon as a B or C cam...and you can always tell which one is the weaker camera to my eye. But you can get them close enough.