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Help needed about the components of bmc.

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  • Help needed about the components of bmc.

    Hello friends. Have got a friend who wants to start up a company for hiring out equipments, he wants to buy a BMC 4K, unfortunately, we haven't go vast knowledge about this camera. So my request is to list for me the basic components of Camera that can enable it to produce a good piece of work.
    Thanks in advance comrades.

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    A good DP will make it produce great work

    But I understand what you are asking...even though my above answer holds true. It would help if we knew what equipment you already have.
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      starting point for all blackmagic cameras would be some sort of rig. shoulder rig if you plan on doing lots of handheld stuff and a decent tripod for everything else.
      some decent lenses and an ir cut filter is a must, follow focus and evf as well as an external battery are also high up on the list.
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        Maybe consider some packages, something like cheap rig (but good, like Tilta or Lanparte, with baseplate, matte box, follow focus, shoulder support, batteries and battery plate), expensive rig (bebob or one of those sweet ARRI's), maybe get some pelican cases, one for each rig, some SSD's also in a pelicase, field monitor... Maybe start thinking in lens kits (Rokinon cine lenses for cheap, Sigma Art line lenses) and filter kits. Also, get a second body, so you can give the client a warranty if something goes wrong (hope not, but just in case...).


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          oooh. .!!! Thank you very much for your time and info. Keep it up buddies.