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Secret to great Vimeo quality

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  • Secret to great Vimeo quality

    Hi everyone.

    I recently uploaded a video to vimeo and like many times before I wasn't really happy with the quality of my upload. I don't know if it's just the vimeo compression or a problem on my side but to my eye the uploaded video looks a worse compared to the h264 file I rendered out of Premiere.

    I also see some videos that look better quality wise (and content wise of course ) compared to the uploads I have made so far.

    So maybe some of you could share the compression/codec settings you use for maximum quality for you upload.

    On my latest upload I went with h264 at 10mbit/s and 1080p. I'm using a Plus account. Is the bitrate to low or is there something else I should pay attention to when exporting for vimeo?

    thanks a lot.
    -John Bauer-

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    Bit too low- you want it to be 15Mbit+ for full HD, as it will be re-encoded by Vimeo, so you want it be as good as possible. It also depends on your content- if it's film based, bit noisy, grainy than it requires 2x more bitrate then eg, some clean CGI or clean RED, Alexa footage.


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      I wonder how good the FCPX Share option is? I think that it looks great, but have no idea of the bandwidth or codec used.


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        Have you read Vimeo Compression Guidelines?
        4K Film Grain