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DIY Zonkey colored power cables

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  • DIY Zonkey colored power cables

    I thought I'd pass along a source I found for making your own extremely cool DC power cables. My need came about when I received my Lanparte battery mount. It came with a number of very nice coiled cables, but I found they were too short for my taste when used on my rig, as I needed to stretch them more than I would like.

    After a long search, I found a company that makes coiled cable that comes in a rainbow of colors... even cable that GLOWS IN THE DARK. Yep - that's what I needed.


    At first, I just bought one of their USB cables and cut off the ends. I found the right-angle DC connectors I needed online, got out my soldering iron, and bingo!

    I decided I wanted a bunch of these, so I contacted the company (which is really Northwire Technical Cable) and they were very helpful, and happy to sell me cables without the USB connectors at a considerable saving. I found their XXL length better suited my needs, though I still use the one XL cable I bought as my main power cable for the BMCC.

    So now you can have cables that match all the colored bits on your rig. It's great cable, and I've gotta say... the glow-in-the-dark version really puts out!
    Randy Walters