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i dropped my Switronix PowerBase 70 Battery - not working - core says they can't fix.

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  • i dropped my Switronix PowerBase 70 Battery - not working - core says they can't fix.

    Yeah - at airport security opens my bag out spills the battery - no cracks - but later found out not working. Sent to core - they said "time to retire it."
    I bought it new. Used the damn thing about 4 weeks in it's entirety. wondering anyplace that might fix it? I appreciate any feedback.

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    Kevin, Sorry you can't fix it. I've heard that they no longer stock the batteries they use inside it. Maybe someone else does but sadly it might be less expensive to move on.

    I've had my PB70 since the BMCC launched. I quickly got a bunch of V-locks and thought that would be it for the PB-70. Though it does sit for long periods, it keeps finding it's way into shoots. It's worked perfectly. Used it last week on a Multi-cam shoot with the BMP4K and a monitor. After 1 1/2 hours and 70 minutes of recording all four lights showing the charge level were still all lit.

    Good luck.


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      Yeah - I have 3 of them. Love them. It was such a gentle fall and just wouldn't turn on again. Just feel it couldn't have been too banged up not to be fixable. alas....


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        Sorry to hear that. I always categorize my kit into 3 groups:

        1) The hardware (Camera, tripods, lights, etc.) - things that I expect to work for many years (at least 5 year), get replaced or repaired.
        2) The software (NLE like Resolve, filters, effect packs, etc.) - they hang around and some get updated - but are usable for as long as they make it.
        3) The disposable (Batteries, media cards) - things I hope to last but I factor in my cost of goods that I charge as part of [larger] production cost, or spread out the cost over a few productions. When they give out - I don't expect to fix them. They get thrown away.

        Having said that, V-mount batteries do last a long time. I have a few of them and (knock on wood) they still are good.


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          Hey just a note,

          Batteries that get dropped like this can become super dangerous.

          There's a lot of energy in modern batteries, and a drop can cause a fault.

          Batteries can ignite and some of these fires burn so intensely that it becomes very hard to stop them.

          A simple piercing from a knife can do this to a phone battery

          We use batteries with a lot more more energetic potential.

          Once they go, they burn very hot, hot enough to go through aluminium and they basically create their own oxygen and keep on burning. They can't be extinguished with normal fire fighting techniques. They have probably brought down a couple of planes, hence why all the airlines are so worried about taking batteries into the checked baggage area.

          Maybe think twice too about where you charge your batteries...



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            yeah I saw that phone video before - i should have just let core keep the damn thing - but I asked to send it back to me.
            Ok - will research how to get dispose of them
            thanks everyone for your comments.


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              A little update - so I pay for shipment of the battery back to me - as i said earlier they can't fix it. The tech guy said "they last 2-3 years."
              A week goes by no battery. I give CORE a call just now - oh - we didn't get confirmation that you paid for shipment.
              I have a tech on the phone - he now sees that shipping was paid - will send out today. John Brawley scared me (and I'm thankful about that ) about battery safety after a fall (the battery fell 4 feet at airport while security opened my bag) so I tell CORE to keep the battery - recycle it - whatever they do with it.
              The tech asks am I looking at buying another battery from CORE. Maybe we can give you a discount. I say sure. They send me a coupon - it's the same price as B&H. Awesome company. This is the 3rd battery I purchased from them - no more.