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Pelican case for UMP G2 and BMPCC4K

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  • Pelican case for UMP G2 and BMPCC4K

    I have a Pelican 1650 case with dividers that I previously used for my big URSA and original pocket gear. The problem with the dividers is that I keep trying to fit crap at it and soon my case just became a basket full of crap and unorganized. Now that I replaced the big URSA and my original pocket with the UMP G2 and BMPCC4K, I wanted to upgrade my case. I knew what I would typically bring with me on set for most of the time so I designed a foam to be cut for the 1650 case. Here is the custom foam insert design that I did and I'm really please with what Pelican did for me. BTW, I could have made the form very specific to the curvature of the equipment but decided to keep to basic edge shapes. This way I can have a little flexibility to it while curtailing to a neat system for my base equipment and protecting it as well.
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    Hey Ellory… Didn't know that Pelican did this sort of stuff. Thanks for the update.

    I've used My Case Builder a couple of times and have recommended them much more. Always heard good things. They have a ton of experience and were more then willing to put that to use. Prices seem totally reasonable.

    The other thing I found at at CineGear was that they're selling their own branded cases now. They're called DORO's. They look well made and are priced really well. Curious if anyone else has any information about them?


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      Hey Marshall - Pelican has been doing this for a while. The website is They're pretty helpful. I'll check out the link you sent coz I'll probably do one more for my other lenses. Since I already have my old cases, I just needed the foam made. BTW, we should do a Ramen run in the near future. It's been a while.


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        Thanks for the links guys.