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DP, DOP or Cinematographer ?

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    IMO, they are all just titles. I never cared for them. At the end, everyone is a filmmaker so I refer to myself as a filmmaker. So if anyone ask me what I do, I'm a filmmaker and I make movies. 99% of my ending credits are not my decision - I let the producer put whatever she/he wants for what I did for their movie. Some logs it as DP, others as Cinematographer, Editor, Colorist, Director, etc... I'm fine with whatever they decide to put on print. I get paid what I expect to be paid for what I did for that production and it's been good for me.


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      I do think "Videographer" is more and more referring to one-man-band Video Producers and shooters. I've definitely acted as a "Videographer" and have been referred to as that, but only in corporate/commercial shoots. It's a term that's a lot more common in those spheres.

      Generally agree with EYu. I find that DP/Cinematographer are used interchangeably, at least by non-camera department. I don't think I'd ever correct anyone, either.