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    Originally posted by NorBro View Post
    The amount of latency is going to depend on the monitor/recorder...some for whatever reason are much worse than others.
    There are a heap of reports that the GH5 has latency itself on its HDMI and that adds to the latency if the monitor making for a noticible difference. The pocket 4k doesn't have such an issue so I was wondering if the GH5s also shared this latency.


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      Yea, for sure...I mean you saw the lag early in their training videos like this one:

      In general, the monitor can play a part just like the camera (usually cheap ones).

      Someone on this page in this thread said he hasn't experienced any HDMI lag with his SmallHD FOCUS and GH5:

      I used the GH5s with an Inferno for 3 weeks and I don't remember any lag being too noticeable, but now I don't know if I even bothered to look at the little monitor much (the camera in the test above is a GH5).