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For sale Angenieux Zooms, wide c-mounts and Metabones Speedbooster

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  • For sale Angenieux Zooms, wide c-mounts and Metabones Speedbooster

    I have some lenses for sale to earn money for other equipment.

    1. Angenieux 28-70 f2.6 Nikon mount. Overal good condition, one tiny hair behind front glass, so it won't affect the image. $900
    2. Metabones SpeedBooster Nikon for Pocket Cinema and Micro Cinema. $200
    3. Angenieux 17-68 f2.2 4x17b. Perfect Condition, comes with original wide 12,5-50 adapter and original box, step ring. $400
    4. Angenieux 15-90 f2.5. Very rare lens. Super 16 in c-mount. I believe it covers even BMCC. Perfect condition for its age. Comes with original box. $500
    5. Cine-Nikkor 10mm 1.8 New old stock. Perfect Condition. I am first owner of this lens. Smallest 10mm lens for 1" coverage, works nicely as a pair with 17-68. $350
    6. Schneider Kreuznach Cinegon 10mm 1.8. Nice condition. Covers Pocket and Micro Cinema. Very Sharp Lens. $200
    7. Cooke Ivotal 1" f1.4 Covers Pocket and Micro Cinema. Has some cleaning marks. Nice creamy bokeh. $100
    8. Fujinon 50mm f1.4 Adapted to mft. Some little amount of dust inside, but works great. $90
    9. Fujinon 12,5 f1.4 Covers pocket and micro cinema $80
    10. Angenieux 10mm f1.8 Black. Very rare late edition of this lens, has some small vignetting on pocket and micro cinema. $80

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