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BMCC or Panny AG-AF100A

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  • BMCC or Panny AG-AF100A

    Some will say this is comparing apples and oranges but I'll go ahead and ask anyway since there can be some considerations at play here. With the price of the AG-AF100A coming down that one can buy a used one on ebay for less than $1K (new about $1.9K), how does this compare with a BMCC MFT in terms of value and performance. The AF100A does not have Raw however at the price points mentioned, it comes with a lot of features and functionalities that will require rigging the BMCC up to match it, costing more money. However, is the AF100A good for independent film production? Is it worth entertaining over say the BMCC MFT (or not) since BMD is no longer providing updates to the BMCC while the AF100A is still actively supported and firmware updates? There's a lot of folks in DVXUser who thinks greatly of this 6 year old Panny camera and I've seen footage on Vimeo amazing enough with cinematic qualities. Is the AF100A a worthwhile buying instead of a BMCC?
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    Having used both extensively, no the AG-AF100A doesn't compare to the BMCC in the slightest. It has better audio hookups and okay-ish built in ND's but even with that there's no comparison. If you're going to look at something in that price range that doesn't shoot raw get yourself a GH4+Metabones and some sort of pre-amp.

    Even the GH4 needing more audio rigging and external ND will blow away the AF100.

    I own a BMCC, Pocket cinema camera, GH4 w Metabones, and have used AF100 a lot for work.
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      Unless you really really crave the "big camera look", and/or are old school and want that ease of use, then probably don't get the AF100.

      It was a very good camera for its time, but that time is long gone!

      A camera like the PMW-F3 of the same vintage holds up a lot better in 2016 (in fact it is my main camera now ).

      Otherwise go with GH4/G7/BMMCC kind of set up. (except for a few few rare niche set ups, like perhaps some kind of doco or reality tv shoots might be a better fit for an AF100 than a BMCC)