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Some travel pictures from India with Lumix GM1

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  • Some travel pictures from India with Lumix GM1

    So I was just in India for 2 weeks of vacation and for that got a new camera to take pictures. Fell in love with the Panasonic Lumix GM1 a while a go and finally bought it for this trip. I mostly used the 12-35mm kit lens and the 14mm pancake lens and the 9mm Olympus bodycap lens for a few wide angle shots.
    I absolutely love the image I get out of this tiny camera. And it really is tiny! Almost the same size as the Sony RX100, but it has interchangeable lenses

    Anyway, here's the album with tons of pictures in it:

    Here's a few best of shots:

    All shot in raw and edited in Lightroom with the Replichrome Kodak presets.

    So for anyone looking for a compact travel camera with great image quality, check out the Lumix GM1, I highly recommend it!

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