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Anyone own an Intuos Pro?

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  • Anyone own an Intuos Pro?

    I'm really torn between selling my Cintiq 22HD and going back to using an Intuos. I've had several over the years but really hated it when they changed to the rubbery buttons. Made it really hard to find them by touch alone. Does anyone know if this was improved with the Intuos Pro? The last one I had was the Intuos 5 I believe. I take it the Pro is basically the same as all the ones that came before...they never change much. the touch aspect was introduced in the Intuos 5 so not sure what the difference is with the pro. Will look it up.

    I'm not fully happy with my Cintiq but I think partly it's becuse the screen is warm and after hours of working on it, I don't really find it that pleasurable. Also I don't think the screen is high enough resolution, having the screen so close. I think my biggest problem with my Cintiq is actually desk height and my computer chair...I need a new chair or the 24HD which you can pull forward off the table—but that thing is a beast!!!

    I do love the Cintiq though. I love being able to actually use the digitiser on the screen. That off-hand eye co-ordination thing is a bit annoying with just a tablet.

    Not gonna be an easy decision to make.

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    An interesting hybrid which might work for some situations is to use Duet Display to use an iPad as a screen on a Mac. No pressure sensitivity and a teeny bit of lag, but it's as close as you'll get to a Cintiq without spending the money, and it's Retina if your iPad is.
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      I have one and a cintiq. definitely prefer the cintiq. I have an intuous 4 lying around I may be willing to part with if interested.
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        I decided to prefect my work space rather than make a rash decision like selling my Cintiq. I bought a Dell single monitor arm, which is a rebranded Ergotron arm. It arrived today, fitted it, had a play and its much nicer to use it that way. I'll give it a couple weeks and see how I fair. The Dell arm I picked up on ebay and it was only 50 which is more than half price of the ergotron. I think I need to mess with the tension a bit, and put some ties on the VESA mount as it has a bit of wobble. Its perfectly secure and solidly built.