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    Coincidentally, with no key on his illness, I had been watching the video of this concert earlier today:

    Truly sad... :-(
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    Years ago me and a few friends went to see an exclusive show for a famous band at a very small venue in Hollywood. Of course our tickets entitled us to standing room only next to the bathroom door with no view of the stage, but when we were walking in I noticed an empty table right up front with a placard that read "Reserved for Joe Cocker". I had no idea who Joe was, and jokingly I told our usher that I was Joe Cocker. He immediately steered us to the reserved table.

    Joe never showed up, and no one ever questioned us. We enjoyed complimentary dinner and drinks, and the best view of the show in the whole place.

    Thanks, Joe!


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      Really sad. He was a legend...he came from the same neighbourhood as my Dad and there always was some association or identification with him, some kind of pride I suppose from my Dad's perspective.


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        "Gonna get by with a little a little help from my friends." Hope that's the inscription on his headstone.


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          Great voice gone...


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            Another Rock legend gone.
            Steve Lee Jean
            Busan, South Korea + Los Angeles, CA