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Any advice on budget monitor to use with resolve

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  • Any advice on budget monitor to use with resolve

    Thread title explains all really, I have limited funds and my pc monitor is a cheap n nasty panel.
    With resolve and 12 bit recording I should have better.
    Any pointers in the sub 300 area?

    Many thanks

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    These are getting harder to find now that color grading is getting big... All prices are US dollars....

    Sony LMD 15-24 inches. I have bought a 23 inch one for $350. I also picked up a 17 inch for 125.

    Ecinema DCM23 these use to sale for 16,500. 1080p any framerate..

    I have seen them from 500-3500 on ebay.

    JVC DT series.. Getting hard to get deals on these lately.

    I have a 20 inch I bought for 400. It can be hooked up to SDI or as a second monitor..

    But for your budget I would recommend the. Dell U2410 make sure it has PremierColor technology.

    There is one on Ebay for $299 buy it now today 4-25-2012 they have seven available. If they accept my offer they will have 6.

    I have seen them as low as 199 but 350 is the average price..

    They have 7 available. I just put an offer on one for 250. Maybe I will get it. Dang it you just made me spend 300. becasue I am addicted to good monitors..

    They have great accurate color for a budget

    PremierColor technology delivers color depth of 1.07 billion and 110% color gamut

    If you can find an Ecinema they are the holy grail of color grading monitors on ebay when they pop up.. Most people don't know what they are so they go cheap.. But if you can get one in the $1,000 range you have scored big time...

    But I think the Dell will be great for you on a budget...
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      I am not sure exactly how/where/why yet, I will connect it (My edit station has no capture at present other than analog).

      I have one of the BMD SmartView HD monitors .. it handles 2K .. I think I will consider one of the BMD capture/monitor solutions.
      Most/all of the BMD cards are now supported by AVID, so that's good for me.