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"let see you do better!!!!"

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  • "let see you do better!!!!"

    It is frequently one of those phrase use to put someone down in forum exchanges but don't actually form a sensible arguement.
    I had someone said that to me before and also had seen it being said to others. Personally I've not use it myself to anyone.

    Maybe I should tell football fans not to criticise any teams in the football World Cup unless they are professional "footballer of the year" or never criticise Barack Obama unless you achieve the high office of President of US of A

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    I feel, that this retort is generally employed when the one delivering the criticism fails to deliver their thoughts clearly, tactfully, or respectfully.

    As an artist, being subjected to a vast array of perspectives and criticisms is valuable. One certainly doesn't have to accept them all, in part or in whole, but the thoughts and efforts we synthesize from the pool of knowledge received, always benefits. I suppose filtering out unnecessary negativity is usually the aim, but I don't think we'll find ourselves in a place where that ideal is perfectly enforced.
    Steve Lee Jean
    Busan, South Korea + Los Angeles, CA


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      I suppose there are people who are technologically knowledgable about filmmaking, script writing, editing, grading, etc but their own material look anything but good. Then when he engages on forum discussion with very useful inputs his opinion is dismissed by another simply because his material doesn't cut muster. Or vice versa someone who makes great films but his method are not particularly good but which he then encounters another by saying "Let see you do better!!!!" even though the advice he gave is misplaced.