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Image quality loss with crop?

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  • Image quality loss with crop?

    Morning all!

    I have quite a few static shots that I want to change into fake slider shots by zooming in on the image slightly to be able to key frame a fake pan in post. my question is is their any discernible loss in image quality by doing this if I am only zooming in a tiny amount to create a very slight pan? I would understand quality loss if I digitally zoomed into the image a great deal but I am talking less than 5% to give me some headroom to be able to move the image across the frame in post.

    shooting on the bmpcc so I am at 1920 x 1080 resolution...looking to output online only....

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    5% you'll probably not notice unless you are really pixel peeping. I've worked on many jobe where the editor has done little punch ins of fake dolly moves. In most cases they look fine if the source was of a high quality. 10bit 1080p ProRes is pretty robust.
    Adam Roberts


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      I've found you can get away with ~15% zoom without a noticeable loss in quality. More than that and it starts to show.
      Marc Tschudi