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  • Magic Bullet Looks 2.5

    I really like Resolve for all the power it has to offer. For color grading of DNxHD material from my BMCC, I have found MB Looks to be a quick and convenient approach that I sometimes prefer over the Resolve route.

    Things just got a lot better for us with v2.5 (free for v2.0 owners, apparently):
    1. LUT capability built-in (Camera Tool). You can select .cube LUTs from within MBL. I verified that I can access Hook's awesome LUTs.
    2. S-curve with a BMCC preset (Post Tool). This works nicely, but isn't generally enough contrast for me. But, it is a great starting point.

    I really love how thick the BMCC DNxHD files are and how nicely they grade within Adobe CC using MBL. I had forgotten how much I liked MBL with its instant gratification, especially starting with an image as nice as that from the BMCC.