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Getting consistent looking exports from resolve - advice needed (cineform and dnxhd)

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  • Getting consistent looking exports from resolve - advice needed (cineform and dnxhd)

    Hi there! Just a quick question, I'm currently doing a first light grade in resolve ready to hand over to the editor - who will be working in premiere cs5.5. I'm working on a pc (so no prores export capability) and he's editing on a mac. I do have cineform though but he doesn't. And we both have dnxhd installed. The finished file isn't for broadcast (web use only).

    I'm wondering whether people have a preferred export format from resolve that I could use to pass to the editor - I've looked at dnxhd too, but I'm finding that whenever I play the exported dnxhd files (220 10 bit Qt) and cineform AVI and QT (10 bit) back they seem to have gamma shifts and I don't know if there's a way of getting the output to be as similar in look to the file inside of resolve? Is there a setting I'm missing so that what I'm looking at and what is exported lines up?

    I'm having moderate success with dnxhd whereas cineform came out with way too much contrast - crushed blacks and over saturated, but wondering if someone's got a perfect codec to try that wouldn't have these gamma shifts when passing from pc to mac?

    Or is this a player issue? Anyone with any experience of this kind of workflow? Any advice?

    I like the idea of cineform, but I passed a cineform file to an editor recently who was working on a mac and after he had edited the file, he found four cineform badge watermarks appeared on all the footage on export (but didn't see them there during the edit). Any ideas? And any idea why it's so contrasty on export?

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    You editor would need a GoPro Studio Premium license (or at least the trial version) to render in resolutions higher than 1920x1080 or RGB colorspace into the CineForm format. Not having that, will result in watermarks in CineForm encodes.

    As for contrasty exports, there is a Force-16 bit option in the CineForm Codec settings. That should be enabled as it eliminates some of the QT problems explained here:
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      When you export under the delivery tab set the data levels to unscaled full range and then near the bottom check force sizing to highest quality and also check force debayer res to highest quality and see if that fixes your problem with the 10 bit DNxHD


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        Hi there thanks for the great info! Abstrak thanks for that, def helps with dnxhd
        Jake - would my editor still have those watermarks if they were rendering to prores using cineform files (which didn't have the watermark?). Also those settings you mentioned where are they available in resolve? Many thanks!