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New mac Pro Out in December; Starts at 2.999 USD

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  • New mac Pro Out in December; Starts at 2.999 USD

    I presume that the Mac Pros entry level 3.7 Ghz Quad Xeon E5 beat the top level 2013 Imac processors.

    The GPU’s kick ass. HDMI 1.4 supports 4K.

    It also got Faster RAM memory. The entry model comes with 12 GB RAM.

    My only concern is the 256 GB SSD.

    Are they any “affordable” thunderbolt 2 SSD drives out there that can handle 1 GB of storage?

    I have another question; I have a 2009 Imac I7 that I can use as a video monitor that resolves 1080p when linked up to the Mac Pro through a cable.

    Is that an efficient workflow alternative for working with the Pocket until the prices on the 4K monitors come out?

    I am glad I did not pull the trigger when the Imac refresh was announced.


    Useg Diaz-Granados
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    What I want to know is will the basic $2,999.00 be fast enough to run Davince efficiently and smoothly and will this be all I need without any upgrades for BMCC 4K camera 2.5k raw shooting?
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      HD and 2k ProRes/DNX shout be no problem.

      HD and 2K raw will be doable but not realtime, when you have more than 2-3 nodes and something like noise reduction or slowmo in the game.

      4k raw - will be really no fun on that machine - to say the least.
      Problem is - there is no way to stick better/faster or even different GPUs or CPUs in it.
      Also you need a fast TB RAID - single external disc is not gonna do the trick for raw.


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        Ahh cool. I just messaged Ryan Walters in facebook and he said it should work fine. He is running Davince on his 2009 mac pro and he says it runs fine on that configuration. Dean Devlin also said he has had the machine for a while and RED RAW 4k screams on it.
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          Red raw is less demanding though.


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            You will be able to have apple ship this with a larger ssd. It will cost you a couple hundred more but they are super fast.


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              Yeah but having footage on a OS drive is usually a no-go, especially when you deal with 4k raw, there is not much footy going on there.


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                I got a question for you Frank.

                Is your comment applicable to Davince only and not Final Cut Pro etc?

                I would hope at that price point that 4K editing would be possible.

                If the Apple people and top 3D animators are hyping up this machine do you think it’s only smoke and mirrors?

                I not trying to get into an Apple vrs another operating system debate since we covered that thoroughly.

                I am just trying to wrap my head around what Apple would have to do in order to enable people to work within the 4K realm.

                Could it technically be possible to link the new Mac Pro to an external graphics card through one of the six thunderbolt 2.0 ports sometime in the future?

                I am assuming that creative pros will embrace this machine; if this assumption is correct and other NLE’s can handle 4K better it would be in Black Magic’s interest to embrace whatever version of open GL it handles in order to take maximum advantage of the graphics cards inside the Mac Pro.

                Maybe it is to much to ask of us un-loyal, ultra demanding and extremely spoiled consumers; but shouldn’t Black Magic focus some of it’s resources on improving their compression algorithms so they can compete toe to toe on all fronts against the likes of RED?


                Useg Diaz-Granados
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                  No no - I'm talking only about Resolve, cause it has some very specific needs, if you look at the configuration guide.

                  For FinalCut and 3D Animation (rendering the animation is a different mater though) it should be fine.
                  Though thechnically possible to put a GPU in an external TB housing, TB doesn't have enough bandwith to make it practical.
                  You need a 16 PCI lanes connection for that, TB has only 4.

                  And - as far as I know - the Mac OS doesn't support external GPUs, but this may have changed with Mavericks.

                  I have not tested it, but Resolve 10 already plays nice with Open GL - how much difference that makes in comparison to Cuda - I don't know.


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                    Thank you for your straight up and informative response Frank.


                    Useg Diaz-Granados


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                      If my 4k hasn't shipped by then I'm getting the 6 core $3,995 one.


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                        The full configuration could be the following setup (based on the keynote slides)

                        12 cores XEON CPU
                        64 GB RAM
                        1 TB PCIe Flash drive
                        2 X ATI FIREPRO D700 12 GB (2 x 6 GB)

                        The double 6GB with a D700 will handle 4K

                        To manage a good bandwith, as there is 6 TB2 ports based on 3 channels, one on these ports should be connected to a double 10GB card or HBA Fiber 16Gb connected to a SAN or directly connected to a JBOD/RAID. This one should be fine, (do not buy a 6 disk raid system)

                        You put 24 x 1TB unexpensive HD a RAID50.

                        TB2 may not be a bottle neck, even you have a 4K 10 bits uncompressed flow to handle. TB2 is about 1.35 GB effective rate, it should be enough. Of course, a Lab with some test would be required before making any decision. I'm curious to see if the new Mac Pro will be certified 4K for Davinci Resolve 10.

                        One thing is sure, it will be possible to compare to the price of a HP Z820 WRK, the TB2 is also supported with a PCIe card, of course only a channel double TB2... but you have more PCIe ports, if you need it
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                          No shame in that KGI media; it is good to know WHEN a product will be available (LOLOLO) ……hint……hint……Black Magic.

                          And it is not like Apple is the Poster Child for transparency......

                          That must be an expensive setup tefliux.


                          Useg Diaz-Granados
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                            Keep in mind frank that this macpro is TB 2 not TB 1. If you watch the video on apple they show the Macpro editing 16 angles of 4k with no indication of any rendering needed. That's the bandwidth of 64 1080p streams. Obviously prores, but that is some serious power.
                            I guess we'll just have to wait until the machine is in users hands (or carry on bag, because it will fit). I have the feeling that the new macpro is just going to rock and the tailored version of fcpx is on its way for it.

                            Also, take a look at this fcpx plug. You can transfer your davinci LUTs into fcpx with this. Pretty cool stuff.


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                              Available in December they say, you can preorder them now: