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Minimum Resolve Specs for PC laptop...

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  • Minimum Resolve Specs for PC laptop...

    So as far as I can tell there are no published specs for using Resolve on a PC laptop, only the monster tower workstations. However on the Mac side, anything that has an Invidea chip will work to some degree.

    I'm not looking for full 4k real time performance, merely for the program to open and work, I don't mind some rendering. Is it fair to assume that something like a Lenovo y510p with i7 and gt750 at 2gb, should have at least comparable results to the Macbook Pro with a gt650. Or do we still live in a world that PC's have to be twice as powerful as macs to do the same job.

    I'm not trying to start a what is better fight, just want an honest opinion. I've been a mac user for years, but I'm more than willing to go PC to save money. The above comparison is literally half the price for on paper similar if not better specs. But if I have to up spec to something priced similar to the macbook to get comparable results, I'd honestly rather have the macbook. Although I've seen the monster Asus gaming systems, refurbished for a decent price. What do you think.

    And is windows 8 fine under the hood so to speak. I've never used windows 7, so I'm not clinging to it.

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    You get much more bang for your buck with PC, prior to Windows 7 Mac was leading with a cleaner and superior OS, and since they went Intel its basically the same. The difference is that Mac does internal tweaking so their base is at a good level out of the shop. The only time I ever used a Macbook Pro was when they come as part of a rental package with the Epic. Are you keen on the laptop side of things rather than desktop? Personally I'm not sure that the laptop would fair that well for a full project in resolve but it'd probably be fine for short term work, not sure what kind of FPS you would be getting though in playback. Is that, spec wise, comparable to a MacBook Pro?

    Windows 8 is a horrible piece of crap, but it is basically Windows 7 with a touchscreen shell on top. Do yourself a favour and put 7 on it. I love Win 7

    Maybe I'm not the right person to be yammering on about this...I have no idea about laptop versions of processors and GPU...


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      Basically I need a new laptop for other reasons now, but if I can get something that will run resolve well enough to learn the program that would be great. I don't want to spend a lot specking out a workstation class portable, I'll do a decent tower later.


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        My friend bought one of the new Asus laptops, paid like $1000 for it. It runs Resolve fine as it has a 3gb Graphics card. The only knock is that it has a standard hard drive and an SSD would run it smoother, but it does work.


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          Lets bump this thread. Still thinking of the Lenovo Y510, decent specs for the buck, basically macbook pro without the retina screen for half the price. All my collaborators are on PC now, and can use their towers for the heavy lifting, but need laptop on set, and a platform to learn resolve well enough to go onto a workstation. Is it worth it to go to the dual graphics card configuration if only using resolve lite. I assume that as it is an expansion bay thing I could just buy it later if needed.


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            You won't be able to use the second card with Lite but you can always add a card later if you upgrade to Resolve full. But as you'll be using this for color work you should probably be more concerned with the TN display.
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              Not sure if Windows works the same as OSx but if you plan to do any real work in Resolve, you're going to need at least 3GB of RAM in your GPU. Temporal NR and something else I can't remember will not work.

              Edit, missed the Lite part. If you use the full version you'll need more RAM