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SSD thunderbolt Scratch disk or Export drive w MacBook Pro 2011 recommendations?

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  • SSD thunderbolt Scratch disk or Export drive w MacBook Pro 2011 recommendations?

    Hi all,

    I need to rearrange my editing setup and wanted to get your opinion on a good solution for a scratch disk with Thunderbolt.
    Here's my setup so far:

    MacBook Pro 2011
    2.2Ghz i7
    16 GB RAM
    1 x Thunderbolt port
    1 x eSata (via Express card adapter)
    2 x FireWire 800 ports

    OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G 240GB SSD - OS & Programs drive
    Lacie 2big 4TB RAID w 2 x Thunderbolt - media drive
    G-tech G-Drive 2TB external (FireWire 800, USB 3.0 - cant use the USB 3.0 ports as I dont have any)- current scratch disk

    I also use a LaCie d2 4TB Thunderbolt ( has USB 3.0 too, but I can't use it on my macbook pro as I dont have USB 3,0 ports) - as a backup drive (daisy chained with the 2Big 4TB lacie media drive)

    So I;ve been thinking of replacing my G-tech Firewire drive with a Lacie Rugged SSD Thunderbolt drive 256GB -

    The question is would it run fine for HD Video editing if I run it out of the 2nd port on the 2big Lacie 4TB as in daisy chain it ? Since I don't have a 2nd Thunderbolt port on my MBP , I think this is the only solution. Anyone tried that kind of setup?

    Here's a chart of what I want to do:

    MBP -> (via Thunderbolt) --> LaCie 2big 4TB Drive (media drive) --> via Thunderbolt --> LaCie Rugged 256gb SSD Thunderbolt (scratch disk)

    Anyone seeing any issues with this setup> Thanks
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      That should work just fine.

      I have a similar 2.5GHz 17" MBP. I run USB3 via the ExpressCard slot.

      I often connect both my Promise Pegasus R6 RAID (connected to the TB port) and my Seagate GoFlex adaptor (connected to the R6's 2nd TB port) and back-up footage that is on my internal drive from a shoot before connecting the same set-up to my Resolve Hackintosh.

      No issues daisy chaining the TB drives.

      TB has 2 channels and is capable of 10Gbps on both channels. That is 1280MB/s on each channel. The R6 is only scratching the surface of that bandwidth at 500MB/s. Could run 4 x R6 RAIDs off a single TB port and they would still be at full speed.
      Adam Roberts


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        Thanks Adam Any recommendations on a good USB 3 express card adapter? I have an E-Sata one for my Drobo S, but have a few USB 3.0 Lacie drives I may use as export drives. CHeers


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          I have this one:

          It's mostly stable but I have had drives disconnect for not reason. Not sure why. I only use it to make client back-ups of footage to cheap USB3 drives. For that it's been fine.
          Adam Roberts