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Archiving Prores source footage as H264 or H265

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  • Archiving Prores source footage as H264 or H265

    So I have a Canon R and R5 and eyeballing either getting a BMPCC, a ninja V, or both to extend my video possibilities. They will extend recording times and prevent overheating.
    I plan to edit in FCPx and would be shooting in prores mostly, sometimes internal.

    I have mostly stayed away from recording in prores or larger formats, and I prefer to use compressed formats so that I have fewer data to backup.
    (please don't comment on how cheap hard drives are nowadays, my room is full of them. I just moved and I had more boxes with HD's than clothes lol)

    For years I've used the C100 ii and one of my favorite things was the tiny file sizes that yielded great quality.

    I like the idea of shooting in Prores, except for the huge backup. I usually edit proxies anyways, since that allows me to take loads of footage on my laptop. I'm kind of a workflow freak in that sense.

    I was thinking, Could I just shoot in Prores, edit my project in proxies remotely, and grade the original prores files when my HD's are connected, and then back up my ORIGINAL SOURCE FOOTAGE as H264 / H265.
    I have enough fast HD's to handle the projects I'm currently working on, then when I backup the data will be small.

    If I ever need a clip again the H264/H265 will be good enough for me (I shoot in that format now anyway). This hardly happens though.

    Maybe if I have really an occasional master shot or something unique (For example I shot a jumping whale the other day), then I can always single out that shot and keep the original prores.
    (I guess the same applies to RAW footage but I guess it would lose the RAW capabilities like white balance).

    I know it's the opposite of what a lot of people do, I guess it's weird, but weirdly it seems that it would work for me.

    I am thinking to use this for my own youtube channel for now which will contain some long interviews. For client work I could give the choice to the client depending on the fee.

    1, Is anybody doing this? Have you ever run into issues, for example, reconnecting these clips in FCPX? I plan to my own tests of course.
    2, Any other thoughts or suggestions?

    Thank you for your time, I'm eager to know what you think!

    FYI, I'm a pro filmer and editor for 15 years, and use Premiere, Resolve, and FCPX depending on the project (I also had some Blackmagic cams, including the very first one!). So I have some experience and consider myself pretty technical workflow wise. Just saying so that perhaps I can save people's time with explaining. I came to this forum because I have good experiences with it and I can imagine lots of people work here with big file formats like prores.