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DaVinci Resolve Render format on MAC for final H.264 encoding

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  • DaVinci Resolve Render format on MAC for final H.264 encoding

    Since Resolve does not seem to support custom profiles & bitrates for its H.264 encoding, I was wondering what is the best format to use in order to export with as little loss as possible to the original ProRes footage, in order to use a third party encoder for the final encodes?

    Workflow: DaVinci Resolve 9 ProRes -> Cut & Grade -> Render to ??? Format -> Encode in Adobe Media Encoder / FFMpeg or Handbrake to multiple H.264 formats for final delivery.

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    ProRes and DNxHD both have 4:4:4 options now if you need to have a rendered Master to encode from. After Effects will read 16 bit TIFFs, so going there to output your h.264 might be an option for you in order to retain the highest color resolution. Personally, I've been using 10bit uncompressed 4:2:2 for my last project. It's straight to video. I'd use 16 bit tiffs otherwise and work in 16bpc in AE to Master.
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      My RAW workflow is normally:
      Resolve 1st light (exposures and WB corrections) -> ProRes Proxy -> Edit in FCPX -> XML export -> Grade in Resolve -> ProRes 422 HQ export -> Finish in FCPX (titles etc) -> ProRes 422HQ Master Export or Send to Compressor for other formats.

      For ProRes I skip the first 2 steps.

      In your case I would export a ProRes 422 HQ Master from Resolve to use for other encoding like H264.
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        Personally, I encode files in AppGeeker video converter and output files with h.264 or mpeg-4 codec.
        Have never had problem with it.
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          FFMPEG and Handbrake are great freewares but they don't provide optimized profiles so I always couldn't get satisfied video for my iPhone after conversion. Eventually I got the Video Converter Assist program and it works great.