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    Looks really good (if I only finally get my BMCC), do you have any comparsion shoot of your LUT and the default Blackmagic Log to 709 lut?
    EF-BMCC 1300x00 - the lucky one


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      Thank you so much Captain, this is very helpful for me as a starter in color grading, much appreciated


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        I'll leave the ship when you did! Thanks a lot for the LUT, looks wonderful!

        Will trade my as-new BMPCC 4K v.1.0 for two new BMPCC 4K V.2.0


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          Very nice and many thanks!

          For me this a a great starter film lut, as it leaves plenty of options left for yourself to change. In comparison the Kodak and Fuji LUTs posted before were more finished looks, but not really useful if you don't want that exact look (I love them as well though).

          Looking forward to see more user LUTs, I don't even know how to make a LUT yet!


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            Thanks, Cap. I'll put it to good use especially in a time crunch.


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              cool, thanks for posting. I'm going to give this a try this weekend on some footage I shot recently.


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                Thank you! Will definitely see how this compares to the Film Luts I've recently been using!
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                  Thanks for the feedback guys! Would love to see what people do with this, especially if you find it useful. Seeing images like Kholi's fuels the motivation to share.

                  Originally posted by Wuudi View Post
                  Looks really good (if I only finally get my BMCC), do you have any comparsion shoot of your LUT and the default Blackmagic Log to 709 lut?
                  I don't have that to share sorry, no. But i think even for those without a BMCC you could download DNG's (or Prores files) supplied by others and compare yourself. It's not a case of me saying mine is 'better', it's just different and i'm trying to offer an alternative.
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                  My BMD LUTs.

                  **Any post by me prior to Aug 2014 was before i started working for Blackmagic**


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                    Well done Hook!

                    Custom LUTs in camera would be awesome! Not a high priority for me, but if/when the BMD engineers ever get some spare time and want to make the camera even cooler, maybe they can work on it.


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                      Well, here's my experience/comparison. Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's something with how I've shot the few things I've done with this camera, but I still kind of prefer the BMD-supplied LUT. Someone previously (maybe Juan?) mentioned using the Alexa LUT to avoid the color transforms built in to the BMD LUT. I found it more work to fix the contrast issues using the Alexa LUT more troublesome than fixing the color issues with the BMD LUT.

                      In the case of this LUT (Hook's), I'm finding it adds way too much red/magenta for my taste. Relatively normal, and even slightly green footage is going pink, necessitating huge compensation with tint. Quick example:

                      These first three are WB at around 3500K and Tint of 0


                      BMD LUT:

                      Hook LUT:

                      However, if I swung the WB down to 3000K and the tint all the way down to -33:

                      So yeah, I can still get what I want. But the BMD LUT still seems the quickest, easiest, and most accurate way for me to get where I want. Maybe I'm just an outlier...I'll certainly keep checking this LUT out whenever I use this camera next.

                      As a side note: this aliasing is killing me. That jacket doesn't even have a pattern. Maybe the side-lighting emphasized the texture or something?


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                        Thanks for the feedback, i wonder if there is a monitor calibration issue here too? I notice you're using a Dell monitor? (embedded colour profile in your images..)

                        For instance, your 2nd image looks VERY green to me, and although the 4th is better it still has a healthy amount of green (although the 4th i would be happy to call a "look" rather than perhaps a "cast"). I agree the 3rd image is quite 'pink', especially compared to the surrounding images, but the insulation in the ceiling is most commonly called "Pink Bats" here (the name of most popular company to sell it) and looks close to normal. Also the skin tone is closer to what i think is 'natural' but again i agree the image might appear a little too 'pink' overall.

                        Would you mind sharing that DNG so i can check it out? Thanks.
                        Blackmagic Design
                        My BMD LUTs.

                        **Any post by me prior to Aug 2014 was before i started working for Blackmagic**


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                          Yeah, there should definitely be a bit of green in the image - that's how it was shot, and part of the intended look. The actual grade embraces this a bit more. And yes, the insulation is absolutely pink, haha.

                          Monitoring could be a factor - I by no means have a proper broadcast setup. I have a Dell 2412 that I calibrate with an i1. The images, though, don't look that much different across my devices (Macbook Pro, iPhone 5), and even match the BMC screen pretty well. The BMC screen shows things much brighter, though...leading to some underexposures in my first couple of shoots (including this one).

                          I'll also note that I was using tungsten-balanced CFLs to light this shot - which are already pretty green on their own. I didn't gel them in this instance since I was going for a more green/orange look anyway.

                          Here's a link to the DNG for this particular frame - the whole take is about 5GB. If you need more, let me know, and I'll figure something out.


                          EDIT: alternatively, if the insulation is too much, I can find another shot, haha


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                            Thanks, the DNG still is perfect!

                            I've done what *i* would do in the attached.. I set WB at 2900k and tint around -8.. i also pushed the exposure up by 1 stop since it seemed from the images you posted you exposed this slightly darker than you intended, although i actually enjoy the dark moody look as shot.

                            So again BMDFilm:

                            My LUT added:

                            My LUT and pushing a bit towards green in the "log offset wheel":

                            This looks pretty natural to me and the only difference is my choice in WB/Tint but if you're going for "green" then keep sticking to the BMD Lut since it's working for you. Not everyone will agree with my choices to say the least!
                            By the way, you may notice i was able to reduce the Moire in the jacket, large version here:


                            I used the method shown by Paul and discussed here:

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                            Blackmagic Design
                            My BMD LUTs.

                            **Any post by me prior to Aug 2014 was before i started working for Blackmagic**


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                              I just checked on my GF's Dell U2711 that's calibrated (to sRGB) with a SpectraSensor Pro (NEC rebranded i1) since it *should* look similar to what you're seeing.. It not too far my NEC i'm looking on now or our iPad 3 Retina, so much of this could be preference or intent. I still agree the first image you posted using my LUT is quite pink though, but find the others you posted quite green/yellow so i guess i like somewhere in between the two.
                              Blackmagic Design
                              My BMD LUTs.

                              **Any post by me prior to Aug 2014 was before i started working for Blackmagic**


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                                Yeah, I also removed the moire in the actual grade via chroma NR in a power window I tracked to the lapel. I just didn't feel like doing it for this particular purpose. To me, it's just frustrating to have to resort to measures like that when it shows up everywhere - and there are definitely other times it hasn't worked. I'm just waiting (rather impatiently, admittedly) for Mosaic to offer up their solution.

                                And yes, I had pushed the exposure up to about .9 in Resolve - this whole shoot ended up a bit underexposed.

                                I'm totally going to keep kicking your LUT around for future shoots - especially ones with less stylized looks - to see if/how it works in different situations. I did notice that it seems to be a bit brighter than the BMD LUT in some of the mid/darker regions, which I like. The Rec.709 gamma/"Video" mode seems to throw away so much as compared to something like RedGamma3, whereas the LUT all of a sudden brings these highlights back, at the expense of the lower midtones.

                                Just for kicks, this is more of where the shot is going to be:

                                I'm still waiting on a locked edit to finesse everything, but I've been bored the past few days and started dialing in looks.

                                EDIT: Just double-checked all of my screens - might be time to recalibrate something. Desktop and laptop seem to agree on color, though the laptop is much brighter. The iPhone and the Dell agree on contrast, but the iPhone is much greener.

                                On my Dell, the shoulder on frame-right is essentially black, the lapel basically indistinguishable. The face and insulation are more orangish. The iPhone shows pretty much pure green. Monitors....
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