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Lightroom 4 Sync Setting Error

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  • Lightroom 4 Sync Setting Error

    I am having a problem when trying to sync settings in lightroom. My workflow has been to import a folder of dngs into lightroom, process one frame from the folder then sync the settings to all the other frames of the same sequence. I keep getting a "photos with incompatible process versions may be selected" message when trying to sync the settings and then it creates some nasty exposure changes throughout the video clip when I apply the sync settings.

    Does anyone know of a fix for this or what I might be doing wrong?

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    I suggest just getting down and dirty with Resolve.
    Primarily I'm a stills shooter for most my income and have used Lightroom (or capture one) for years now. I know the ins and outs of lightroom. Cool, it can process the DNG's from the BMC. But after playing for about a week in Resolve I'm getting basically the same quality out of converting the DNG as I would out of lightroom. If not better. I still have a long ways to go learning Resolve though.

    For lightroom processing of the BMC footage, you're just adding a step or steps in the workflow that can be totally avoided. First, it's horribly slow to convert Gigabytes of footage from. Then, one you convert you need to make it playable in the NLE. Then go and sync your BMC scratch sound (or maybe you captured sound to the camera???). Then, when you convert your DNG's you now have what, a zillion tiffs on another hard drive?

    In Resolve, you can just color the DNG and export for edit. You can come back if one of the files you converted looks wrong. You can export proxies and edit that then import XML. You can grade first, grade last, grade in the middle, all off the single DNG copy. All of the tools are there for coloring the DNGs in Resolve. You just have to learn where they are and how to use them. Color your footage, send to deliver, transcode so we can watch. Way faster....

    You always have lightroom to fall back on. Resolve, as it's named, takes care of a lot than lightroom simply won't and speeds up the whole process for moving imagery.


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      Don't worry if it tells you that you might have different process versions selected. Make sure in the sync setting box you have process version selected. Actually you should probably just have every box selected.

      You're probably getting weird exposure variations because you've used the highlights and or shadows sliders. Make sure they're both set to 0. They are adaptive controls that behave in different ways depending on the image. As your clip changes, so do the controls and I've found it to be very unpleasant. Don't use them!

      Also, not sure if you've run into this or not, but sometimes LR doesn't actually sync every image when you click sync settings with every image selected. I sync all, change WB by 1 and sync again. It's annoying, but worth it to not have to go back and re-render frames that didn't sync.

      Good luck!


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        Thank you


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          Thanks for the tip regarding highlights and shadows. I was seeing the fluctuations but could not pinpoint which adjustments used adaptive control.

          However, I'm starting to take the viewpoint of dustylense. For 1 min of footage, Lightroom takes 15 min to publish on my computer! Resolve exports nearly in real time.

          On the other hand, I still cannot manage simple tasks in Resolve, like decreasing luminance in blue values to deepen sky hues. Resolve creates harsh, pixelated gradations where the sky meets clouds, trees, etc. I've tried softening the qualifier and using blur but it all looks terrible. Lightroom manages seamless color shifts with no artifacting.


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            Have you tried using the hue curves in resolve? They're "hidden" behind the standard curve tool which you can get to either picking clicking on the dropdown box that says "custom", or clicking the little circle dots above the standard curves. Sometimes they're easier to use than the keyer in Resolve, but i know what you mean in general. in Capture One it's just as easy to shift individual colours around as it is with LR, Resolve takes more 'finesse'.
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