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  • Screen - The video player for video people

    Hi! I’m the creator of Lattice, a macOS app that converts, manipulates, and visualizes LUTs.

    We’ve recently released a new macOS app, Screen, a super pro video player with a clean interface and powerful features geared toward production and post.

    Screen can play a lot of the standard video formats as well as image sequences (DPX, EXR,
    PNG, JPEG, etc.) and has support for Blackmagic RAW and REDCODE RAW. This includes extracting the embedded LUT from the Blackmagic RAW clip as well as respecting all sidecar metadata info.

    Apply LUTs from your custom LUT library (or link to Resolve), configure color management (or bypass it all together), export to common movie formats (H264, HEVC, ProRes), take screenshots with a ton of custom options, navigate timecode in an editor-friendly way, sample pixels to get their RGB value, and a lot, lot more.

    Please let me know what you think - I’d love to hear any feedback you might have about it and what features you’d like to see added.

    Click here to visit the website for Screen.


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    Nice. Any discount? Will this be available for Windows 10 Pro?


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      Originally posted by EYu View Post
      Nice. Any discount? Will this be available for Windows 10 Pro?

      No discount at the moment. Also, macOS only. Sorry - I wish I had better news!


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        Terrific work Greg, looks great!
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        My BMD LUTs.

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          The screenshot function is awesome!


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            Originally posted by stip View Post
            The screenshot function is awesome!
            Thanks! That's one of my personal favorites. So visually fun to do. There's also a keyboard shortcut way to do it too, if you get tired of the click and drag.


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              Hopefully support for Decklink playback will be a feature in the future. If so, will definitely find it useful.
              Also, a discounted bundle with Lattice might be in order.


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                Love it.


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                  Sounds great and the price is reasonable.

                  It's a pity it's not for Windows.
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