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  • 2 Workflow Questions

    I'll be getting my camera soon. I have two questions as far as workflow:

    1. What's the best tip for exposing BMRAW?

    2. BMRAW has many different flavors of compression. What compression do you normally shoot at? Meaning: do you notice a big quality difference between the different options? Is there a sweet spot - a good choice for saving file space, but still getting a good quality image?

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    Here’s the first thing I shot with the camera:

    I shot at 1000 iso in braw. I just got my exposure as high as I could without clipping. In resolve, I switched the iso to 400. That looked the most natural to me. This method of exposure seemed to work well.

    I shot in braw 6K 3:1. It looked good, but the file sizes were huge. I am going to user a higher compression next time.

    I am enjoying this camera so far. This is the first thing I’ve ever edited in resolve. Takes some time to get used to (I usually use avid or premiere). Of course the grading in resolve is powerful.