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Upcoming shoot using multiple blackmagic cameras

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  • Upcoming shoot using multiple blackmagic cameras

    I have a shoot in the middle of May where I will be using my Pocket 4K. The director also owns a 4.6K (non pro) and a Ursa Mini 4K. I have not shot on the big boys before, any tips in terms of matching shots? Would matching prores(film) be fine so long as we shoot with identical white balance or would RAW be the way to go?

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    I always shoot raw or compressed raw unless there is some hurdle specifically keeping me from doing so. It's not that it's better quality, (as pixel peepers will tell you there's not much difference) it's that it's so much easier to balance and grade in post than baked-in footage, even 4444.

    Definitely shoot log (film) if you choose to go intermediate. Monitor in a LUT but make sure the footage is log. The Ursa Mini 4K is the weak link. I would focus on A and B cams shooting compressed raw and worry about matching the two instead of including the UM4K unless really necessary. There's not an easy button for matching these two cameras, as the color science is very different, but any experienced colorist shouldn't have a hard time once the lock is in Davinci.

    I saw someone post about their new rec709 luts now being available, can't seem to find the thread. Haven't had a chance to check them out but that could be a monitoring solution to make sure they are roughly matched on set. Just make sure your parade is close.