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Matching UMP and Red Dragon

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  • Matching UMP and Red Dragon

    For any of you who have used them side by side. Our A cam is a Dragon shooting 6k, 23.98 in redcode raw 5:1. I need to capture a second safety angle for a scene and was curious what people would shoot to match? Obviously 23.98, 4.6k but what raw flavor? ( if Braw is not an option).

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    I can't see a reason why 4:1 wouldn't work fine.
    Ursa 4.6k, Pocket Cinema 4k, BMCC, GoPro Hero4 Black, Mavic Air, Phantom 2, Canon T3i, Lots of glass.


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      "shoot to match?"

      If you got a color card ... film it and match those colors.
      Second option: "Color space tranform" .. like in this video:

      Or filmkovert. Convert RED and BM with filmkonvert to a
      the same Filmconvert LUT as starting point.


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        Thanks guys! Shot a color card, ended up shooting BRaw 3:1. We'll see how it goes in post.

        Fun story though, the UMP made the RED look clunky out in the high desert filming location, between battery usage, built in ND's, and no quirks (the dragon was being very glitchy), the DoP actually apologized for all the times he made fun of blackmagic.