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  • Frames per second for web

    Quick question guys. A client has asked me to shoot a series of vlogs about food and cooking. I'm supposed to be the one man show, the guy with the camera, the lights, the editing and the deliverable. Which is great by me, gets me to own the pipeline. One question though. For this sort of web stuff, do you guys usually shoot 25 fps or 30? I'm in Europe and I'll be using my UM4.6k. The client doesn't really know anything about technical stuff, but I'm guessing he won't appreciate any of those 60 fps crappy motion...


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    If the client doesn't care it really comes down to your creative decision, right? I shoot everything 25fps but I think it really comes down to what you want to evoke with the footage. If you want to evoke that news/doco/tv look then 30 or 50 or 60 fps are the right frames rates to choose from. From my own creative point of view I'd prefer to see the cooking and food genre as a kind of visual story telling and would want to use 24 or 25 fps to evoke a narrative mode.


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      I shoot commercials for web (the kind of commercials to see in youtube). I consistently shoot them in 30. However, for my narrative work that I post on the web, usually 24 (I'm in the USA) ~ that be 25 in Europe. It is just a personal choice through experimentation and experience.


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        Thanks guys. I love the 25fps look for my narrative work. I just wanted to make sure that the web food video that I'll shoot is coherent with the "aesthetics" that people are used to when watching that kind of video. But I guess other variables should play a much more important role than frames per second.


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          Back in the day I would imagine that all cooking/food shows were always 50 or 60fps (or interlaced equivalent), but I've definitely seen recent cooking programs that are 24 or 25fps.