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URSA MINI 4.6K - RAW + Lost files

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  • URSA MINI 4.6K - RAW + Lost files

    Hello all,

    I came across a problem I have never encountered before or read about.

    I have an URSA Mini 4.6K with two Samsung SSD 850 Pro plugged into an Atoch C2S CFast to SSD. I have been shooting with this setup just fine for the past couple of months until this past week.

    So, I had a couple of sequences to shoot, one of them being a very long long take video (40+ minutes) (some sort of timelapse that now that I think about it I should have shot using the timelapse mode...) and then a couple of short 30 sec videos (20+ clips). I shot the whole thing using RAW 4:1 4.6K @60FPS.

    I did not check the videos the same day but I was monitoring the sequences as they were recording (timecode runing and all...properly pressing RECORD and STOP when the take is done etc...)

    Back to the studio today, I open Davinci Resolve trying to edit the video and to my surprise, there are no videos! At least not all of them. The 40+ min video is there but partially, as if the drive was full and it went on to record onto the second drive...except there is no part two of the video. I open the second drive and there were a bunch of folders in there...I suppose these are the folders where the smaller videos were stored...I open them and there are only wave files inside and no dng Wave file per folder.

    I have no clue what to do and what happened...

    Any idea on what is happening? and if there ways to check what went wrong.

    Thank you,

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    Hi Sam, it sounds like for whatever reason you dropped some frames. If there is even a single dng frame missing Resolve won't recognise the DNG folder as a video.

    If that's the case, in order to restore your footage, you would need to find the missing frames and copy the previous or next frame and rename it to match the missing frame. Since frames are numbered this is not hard but it can be time consuming.
    That's why there is some software that do this automatically for you.
    Check it out on another post in these forums:

    I have done this before for a couple of shots and it worked like a charm.


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      Hello Pidulgi,
      Thanks for the reply.
      The script looks really cool, however, unfortunately that only works out when you actually have a bunch of DNG files and only a couple of them are missing.
      In my case, the folders are empty with only a wave file present and no dng files


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        Hi, what software/firmware are you running on the camera? This sounds like a bug that was on the public beta of 4.0 that was fixed for the 4.0 GM release.
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          Hello Captain Hook,
          Thank you for taking the time to answer.
          I checked the camera software version and it is indeed 4.0beta.
          Is there a way to salvage any of the footage?

          Edit: I was not using Timelapse mode.
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            Hi, unfortunately not sorry. Please update your camera to version 4.3 (or 4.2) since there has been a few improvements and bug fixes since the 4.0 public beta.

            Blackmagic Design
            My BMD LUTs.

            **Any post by me prior to Aug 2014 was before i started working for Blackmagic**


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              Oh footage is gone?


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                I guess it is gone after all...bummer. Big time.
                I am not the type to complain but frankly, I find it quite disheartening to know that a firmware update MIGHT cause such disastrous problems, albeit in a beta stage...then again, I can understand that there is some line/disclaimer somewhere that says do not install a beta version on a production shoot etc. I understand the logic...still, dropped frames is one thing, not even recording is another.

                Kholi, thanks anyway for taking the time to answer.