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BMPC 4K and Adobe CC -- Resolve Workflow

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  • BMPC 4K and Adobe CC -- Resolve Workflow

    Hi guys,

    I've been really interested in doing some RAW shooting with wide framing to stabilize and comp in After Effects a la David Fincher. How I've been working it is 4K RAW DNG capture to 2000 by 1080 ProRes proxies that I use to edit in Premiere CC on a center-extracted timeline with some AE stabilization or compositing when needed. Since Adobe's Creative Cloud works so well in tripping Premiere/AE this is very straightforward. It's when I think of finishing in Resolve and relinking to my original RAW media that I'm running into trouble.

    Any clips that don't run through After Effects link back perfectly. The comps however always have problems translating over the XML or EDL. What I'm looking for is a workflow where I can go Premiere - AE - Resolve

    Would something like transcoding RAW media to ProRes Proxies AND DPX for After Effects in Resolve at ingest be the smart thing to do? If so, how would I make sure I trip back from the AE affected shots for Resolve? DPX?

    I appreciate anyone's thoughts about this.

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    I suspect the link is broken when you start comping. If you make the comp exactly the same length and name it the same, you could force conform it back in Resolve. This might suck for lots of shots.

    I know most of the features I work on, we just cut in VFX shots back in as we receive them from the vendors. Eye match to make sure it's good, or if it's really different and time-warped or changed a lot from the original, usually the editor gets another crack at it to trim it in for creative reasons, that way we get a list to take any guess work out of it.

    I think this is one of those deals where it depends on what your doing and there may be a bunch of ways based on what you did.


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      Are you just converting to proxies because your system can't handle the RAW files as Premiere and AE handle DNG RAW fine.


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        Originally posted by Michael Sandiford View Post
        Are you just converting to proxies because your system can't handle the RAW files as Premiere and AE handle DNG RAW fine.
        I am yeah. Working off a top of the line Macbook Pro and portable drives because I'm traveling a lot. The idea is to finish back in NY on a proper Resolve workstation.


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          When you say comps are you trying to get it to properly recognize shots you are working on via the dynamic linking? In general the dynamic linking doesn't carry over very well out of premiere to a diff software a lot of the time, (especially when you add in retimes, etc). If you are creating comps in after effects that way your best bet is probably to do it the way CB_Video notes above. Treat it like a vfx shot and render it separately to bring in and grade into resolve as a vfx shot if you can.