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Has any one been making luts?

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  • Has any one been making luts?

    If so whats your methodology?
    Do you use resolve or Photoshop or another software?
    I've been dabbling with photoshop but want to see how other people have been doing it.

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    I use Resolve,

    Most of my Luts I use as quick grades which only require some Gain and Whitebalance adjustment at the start of the chain. This makes it easy to quickly give a demo to a client of options for a more fine tuned grade or if I have any lower paid jobs which need less work/faster turnarounds.

    Some of them are to make it easy to transform the image from one type of camera to another - so that the remaining node chain can be the same for both cameras.

    I use Resolve for mine. I would usually spend a long time making a complicated series of nodes which get me to the result I like. Then try that same node chain on several other example scenes of varying light colour and quality. Bright scenes, dark scenes, high contrast, low contrast etc. Once I am sure the node chain seems to work well on them all - I boil it down into a 3D LUT file which I can easily apply later on.
    Tom Majerski
    Cinematographer / Photographer / CGI Artist / Filmmaker


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      Cool cool, thanks Tom!


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        Kohli mentioned this on another thread, looks interesting:

        That said, I've been very happy with the Luts that Captain, Tom and Frank have created
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