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  • Adaptors for EF discussion

    Hey all! I've seen a lot of discussion about types of lenses but I thought it would be helpful to pick the collective brain on BMCUSER to talk about EF lens adaptors.

    I know you can get an adaptor from Fotodiox for FD and M42 but they will add to the BMC's crop factor and will cut down on the light coming in.

    What I don't know is, is this true for most adaptors? So will a Nikon to EF adaptor have the same crop factor/light loss issues?

    Are there any other adaptors you guys may be looking into?

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    There might be light loss in adapters with an optic inside the adapter itself like the FD to EF adapters that allows for infinity focus, but I'm not 100% sure. I am 100% sure tho, that if there is no optic inside the adapter there is definitely no light loss.


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      Getting an M42 adapter won't "add" anything to the BMC's crop factor, and it won't contribute to any light loss either.

      An FD adapter involves an optical element and may result in a loss of quality because of that.

      A Nikon to EF adapter involves no optical element, no loss of light, no loss of quality, no change in crop factor.


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        Do you guys think the OCT 19 to EF-adapter will work? Would be lovely to use some nice Lomo-glass on the BMC!
        Got this one:

        From the pictures of the BMC it looks like there is quite some space before glass could hit the sensor.

        Any thoughts?


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          To add to this : I purchased the cinevate Nikon to canon adapter. Excellent construction, works perfectly on canon bodies, so I am sure it will be great on the bmc. It is a "dumb" adapter though, so none of the electronic focus / aperture controls will work ideas they are physically on the lens itself.

          Price is good as well. Only downside is that the adapter fits very snugly on the Nikon lens itself, so it's not a fast swap system for the field. If you have X amount of nikons in your lens kit on a shoot, you want to make sure you have X amount of adapters. It can take a good minute to finally get it to release, which would be bad if your in a hurry


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            @awbacon - have you tried the fotodiox nikon to EF adapter? How do they compare to the ones from Cinevate?