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Kowa Micro 4/3 lenses cine lenses Announced!

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  • Kowa Micro 4/3 lenses cine lenses Announced!

    Just stumbled across this interesting news on the internet, looks like a perfect set if you can't afford Illumina S16 or Elite S16 set.

    From the video sounds like the lens will be properly announced at Photokina next year.

    From 4/3 Rumours:
    "Kowa announced a couple of new Micro Four Thirds Cine lenses. The optical design is based on their current industrial lenses. What changes is the lens body (focus ring, mount and so on). As far a s I could see from the video on top there will be five new lenses:
    8.5mm T/3.0
    12mm T/1.9
    16mm T/1.6
    25mm T/1.9
    50mm T/2.1"

    Newsshooter Vimeo Link:
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    Lucas Kao

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    looks good, it would be nice if they could bring them in for less than the machine vision lenses they are based on. Being not super speeds they should be less than the voitlanders and SLR Magic, but who knows. For some it will be worth it to have a matching set.


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      16-25 and 25-50 are way to big gaps imo. especially for the bmc.

      I'd need at least a 20 (even better 18 and 20), a 32/35 and a 40.
      -John Bauer-


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        If you think of it in terms of the BMPCC (25.5mm, 36mm, 48mm, 75mm, 150mm), it's really not so different from a pretty typical set (24, 35, 50, 75, 150).


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          Seems like it mirrors a zeiss super speed 16mm set almost... 9.5, 12, 16, 25, 50. This is great to see, more options the better.


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            Yeah, fairly standard set for 16mm primes, the fact that they will cover the larger bmcc sensor is a bonus.


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              In the video the Kowa rep said there was a 35mm and showed it in-between the 25 and the 50.
              I'd guess they started with optics from their XC industrial lenses. This should also give some idea on price. Not sure where the 8.5 T3.0 f2.8 came from - maybe a new design.