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    I'm looking to buy the Zeiss Jena 50mm and 80mm -- if anyone has used these, please let me know what you think. The Jena's seem like a solid piece of glass. The widest Pentacon Six I'm aware of is the Zodiak 30mm fish eye and again, if anyone has used this I have a few questions -- is it similar enough to the Jena, so it could be used as a set with the Jena's? 30mm obviously isn't fish eye for the BMC, but will it distort? Any experiences for better or worse with any other Pentacon Six lenses?

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    I'm a big fan of those PentaconSix and use them often on my FS100. I'm looking forward to bolt them on the BMC, cause I think it would be a perfect match.

    I wrote an article about those lenses while ago:

    I would stay away from the 50mm, cause it's hard to find in a usable condition and it's only f4 wide open.
    I would consider the Pancolar 1,8/50, Carl Zeiss Jena (m42) instead - same look but way faster (and probably cheaper in mint condition).
    You can snatch a refurbished one at Ebay for 79,- Euros if you are fast:

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      Great article Frank. And good to know about the 50mm. Have you ever used the Zodiak 30mm?


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        Nope, sorry.


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          Hey Frank -- any adapters you'd recommend? Between amazon and ebay, all seem to be less than $30 -- not sure of any of the build quality and such.


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            I've used a few CZJ lenses for the Pentacon Six mount... and they don't look specially sharp on an APS-C sensor, which is 2.66 times smaller than the film they were designed to cover. The sensor in the BMC is 3.8 times smaller than 60mm film, you're really blowing up any defects in the glass. Plus, they'll be really, really long lenses, a normal prime on Pentacon Six is the Biometar 80mm f/2.8, and on a BMC it becomes a really long telephoto with relatively deep DoF.
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              Here's a conversion chart for Hasselblad lenses to 35mm -- a little different than the standard conversion due to the square 6x6 frame. http://