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BMCC EF 35 1.4L and 17-55 2.8IS issues

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  • BMCC EF 35 1.4L and 17-55 2.8IS issues

    Just took delivery of a BMCC EF mount to partner my pocket cam and have been testing my Canon lenses. All work as expected apart from the 35L and 17-55is. The 35L aperture cannot be adjusted via the camera although the cam does show the aperture values changing but not physically on the lens. The 17-55 does not allow aperture change via the cam and it doesn't display the aperture value on screen (IS functions fine).
    The camera is on the latest firmware and I have tried cleaning the lens contacts. The lenses work fine on my dslr bodies so I am wondering if anyone else has issues with these lenses on the bmcc? Any ideas what could be the problem as I have read that these lenses are meant to be fully compatable.