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anyone have any feedback on this lens?

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  • anyone have any feedback on this lens?

    Has anyone tried the Leica 14-50 2.8-3.5 on the mft blackmagic? I feel like its range and manual aperture would make it a great fit for the camera. I love my olympus zuiko 12-60 but it doesn't have manual aperture.

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    If I remember correctly, John Brawley has described this lens as having excessive problems with focus breathing in the past (on one of the other video forum websites). Not that I have any experience with the lens myself admittedly. My apologies to John in case I'm not remembering his experience with the lens correctly...


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      Also, I just realized that you mentioned that you planned on using this on the MFT BMCC. Since it is a passive mount, you wouldn't be able to use either the Leica or the Olympus on that camera since both lenses require power. They would be usable on the Pocket Cinema Camera however. Although the Leica would likely deal with the focus breathing issue I described in my other reply.


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        Plus it is not a constant aperture ( 2.8-3.5 )