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Using vintage 16mm lens with Original Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

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  • Using vintage 16mm lens with Original Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

    I found a Rainbow TV Zoom Lens H6X8 8-48mm 1:1.0 1/2 C Mount Lens at a thrift-store that I would like to use with my 1st generation, 1080p Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera with a Super 16 sensor.

    Whenever I use it there is a massive vignette and it is impossible to focus without closing the aperture all the way down.

    I know I need some sort of adapter, but I was wondering which adapter I needed?

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    No adapter will help you. That is a lens for a 1/2" video camera, not even for 16mm. You'll need a lens made for S-16 with the BMPCC to avoid vignetting.
    The other problem is differing flange depth with some C-mount lenses.

    The kind of lens you got is plenty and cheap, but pretty useless.


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      Even really decent 16mm lenses often don't cover, but a 1/2" video lens will for sure not cover, that is closer to Super8 frame size, if using lenses made for video you need 1" which are much more rare.

      I've been tempted to do a project in 4/3 just to make use of my old glass, there have been a few films done that way recently that seem to get festival notice at least.


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        That image circle is tiny. These lenses are for security cameras and even properly fitted do not produce very good images.

        The most modern camera that can successfully use this type of lens is the Pentax Q afaik.


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          There is some helpful information here: