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BMPCC4k/6k recommended lenses

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  • BMPCC4k/6k recommended lenses

    I have mainly use my BMPPC4k for handheld work. With Metabones SB 0.64XL Canon lenses with IS has become a must because without stabilisation handheld work is terrible unless I go super slow mo or gimbal which is still terribly restrictive. A lens that has impressed me most has been the Canon 100mm f2.8 L IS and the 4 stop stabalisation worked really well. The Canon EF-S 17-55 with 3 stop IS worked reasonablly well. The Canon 35mm f2 IS has nice silent focussing and decent IQ but the 4 stop IS although works feels at best more like a 2.5 stop with less of the noticeable kick to stablisation you get when using the other IS lenses. If Brian Caldwell is reading maybe the Metabone for the BMPPC4K is due for a firmware update?