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  • Good handheld lens

    I own the pocket 6K now. When I use it for real shoots, I don’t mind rigging it up. In cases where I want the camera to be compact and just run around and shoot hand held video, is there a good prime lens that wouldn’t be too shaky? Would a 28mm lens be a good option?

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    Would this be good?

    Canon EF 28mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens

    Is this an Ef lens? Will the IS work on the pocket 6K?


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      Because of the crop factor, I may go with the slightly wider 24mm. I would love to by the pancake version because it would make the camera even smaller, but it has no IS. IS is probably important for handheld work. I don't believe there is IS on wider primes???


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        EF mount image stabilized lenses are all autofocus photography lenses, and as such will not be great choices for video because of their short focus throw, focus breathing, and noisy operation. They do well the less you touch them.

        With that said there are a few options. Canon makes a 24mm IS lens, and there are several 35mm options as well. They aren't cheap, most are at least $500. My choice for a stabilized lens would be a apsc-zoom. You can find several 17-50mm stabilized zooms with a constant aperture. They are also half the price of a stabilized prime.

        I've been using a sigma 17-50 f/2.8 as my candid beater lens for almost 5 years now. It's been rained on, dropped, been near the sand and ocean, left out in the sun for 12 hours you name it. Still chugs along. When it stops working I won't care, because it's cheap. If you aren't doing narrative it doesn't matter very much.

        You're better off finding a more comfortable and efficient way to hold the camera steady than investing in photography glass just for running around. A neck strap and a handle in the right spot makes a world of difference, much more than a stabilized lens would.

        Ask yourself what the purpose of this lens is. What are these run-around projects you want to shoot? Camera tests? Travel footage? ENG?


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          I understand the limitations of photo lenses. When I say run and gun, I mean shooting family videos. I don’t want a cage or extra gear. I just want the camera and a lens. I bought the 24mm by canon. It seems to be the widest lens with stabilization and its much smaller than a zoom lens. I think it will do the trick.


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            The Sigma 17-50mm F/2.8 is a nice sharp walk-about or travel lens that I think goes nicely with the BM6K personal videos. It's light (compared to the 18-35 Art lens), has optical stabilization, and AF/MF modes. It's pretty cheap too - see link below.

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              That’s a lot of lens for the money. I have the canon that’s a very similar zoom.