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Meike 12mm T2.2 cinema lens review

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  • Meike 12mm T2.2 cinema lens review

    Here is a review I did on the Meike 12mm T2.2 cinema lens. I tried to include many real world examples of shots from daytime to nighttime.

    Z Cam E2, Panasonic GH5, BMPCC and a little Canon EOS-M shooting 14 bit RAW 🙂
    Small set of MMJ Contax Zeiss prime lenses
    Full set of Canon FD SSC lenses
    Set of Meike T2.2 cinema lenses
    Small set of Russian prime lenses

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    You do know that Meike has stolen their lens designs for these lenses from Ryan Avery and are Veydra Micro Primes with a few slight changes. Their is a legal case over this currently being pursued in the Courts.


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      Denny, I think half of BMUSERs know this but what is stopping anyone from buying a product that is legally marketed to the public other than being conscientious for the situation? Buying it from a legal consumer market is still legal and the court's decision wouldn't affect anyone buying it today - regardless if they know or not know. Millions of people around the world buy counterfeit designer products everyday. I'm not making any judgement.


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        From what I could tell from the court papers released, Ryan is fighting to keep the Chinese investor from taking the name Veydra. The lenses that were are gone, this is what is available going forward. If in time you see these marked Veydra you'll know the fight was lost. They want the Veydra name so they can charge a premium price that was already established.

        Right now while in limbo, consumers benefit from a silly low price. Many people that have these know that they are the same as Veydra, but probably most of those same users would never have bought at the Veydra price point.

        With the P4k already superseded buy the P6k and the push toward full frame cinema on the close horizon, it's hard to know how much market this lens set has anyway.


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          While that may be true, but from initial tests, the Meike lenses lack the QC the Veydras had under Ryan Avery. The 12mm is further off in IQ match from the 16 and 25 than the Veydra was. So getting a match IQ looking set is going to be a challenge. Whilethe Veydras had a great IQ and were well matched, they had a rather over dampened focus ring which would rotate the lens in the MFT mount when changing focus direction, not sure if the new Meikes have the same issue. Something to think about. Personally, I sold my Veydra set and went for PL mount Cine lenses.
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            I now have all three.

            I don't know where you got your information from. The 12mm, 16mm and the 25mm match perfectly in all metrics except for a slight variation in length in the 12mm ( about 7mm), although both focusing and aperture rings line up and I would have prefered engraved scales but given the prices, I can't really complain.

            We should see the 35mm, 50mm and possibly the 85mm in the coming months, so all in all, Meike Cinema lenses look here to stay.
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