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  • CineNikkors

    Wondering out aloud.....

    Has anyone here ever used CineNikkors on the BMPCC ?

    I have 2 CineNikkors that have just had a CLA done and M43 adapters fitted. Guess I just need a good BMPCC now lol.


    OK so some footage found. Have I gone down the right path here?

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    In early BMPCC days i collect a lot of info about c-mount lenses and as i remember all CineNikkors are designed to cover S16. Those are rare lenses. There are also some different series of those CineNikkors with different image quality. There are a lot of samples at Flickr. I used some Kern-Paillard Switar c-mount lenses and found that they are usually too small and so not too comfortable to pull focus by hand.
    Here is someones info i kept from that time:
    Hard to find sharp lenses with japan character from 1960's.
    P.S. If you ever see a cheap 13mm, don't buy it, that was an early lens design and by far not as sharp as the others.
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      You could put them in a box and send them to me ha ha! Not giving up my camera any time soon. I'd like to get another one but I find they go way to high on eBay still, maybe the used market will cool down once the P4k is readily available. Given the tech is now 6 years old used bodies should be down around $200 but regularly hold at over $500, more with accessories of course, but given that most of the rigging only works with that body, depreciation should be steep on that stuff as well.


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        Originally posted by dop16mm View Post
        You could put them in a box and send them to me ha ha!
        Probably better I keep them ! There are surely not around in any quantity. I see one pop up now and then so it will take time to build the set out. The 2 I have have just been opened up, cleaned, regreased, collimated and had M43 mounts fitted.

        Now to get the pocket camera for them. As you say, crazy high prices though. I thought if it was 1080P it was cancer ? Seems ppl like cancer then.


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          People like them because they still create one of the most beautiful images for the money. I'm guessing used price will bottom out when the P4k is more readily available, but who knows. The bigger issue is that you can't buy new sd cards that can record raw. The new versions of the sandisk that used to work won't even mount. I stick with ProRes so not really an issue. I've shot 2 micro budget features with it and seen projected on theatre screens at festivals, in that setting with likely 2k projectors at best it holds up really well. I don't need better.

          If you watch eBay there are good deals to be had with cages and kit that you will need that are probably priced fair all considered, but I already have a full built kit and am looking for a naked body b-cam for cheap and those are harder to come by. Good luck.


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            FWIW I used a Cine Nikkor 10mm some years ago with the original BMPCC, and I had the chance to compare it with two other c-mounts, the Kern Switar 10mm and Schneider Cingegon 10mm.
            Mechanically it is nicely built and because of the size of the ring, somewhat easier to focus than the others.
            The CineNikkor had very minimal vignetting on BMPCC, almost cannot be seen.
            My impressions using all 3 on BMPCC: Schneider was sharpest, had no vignetting and least distortion, but the most CA, and noticeable green tinge. CineNikkor had best handling, though not as sharp as the Schneider. The Switar had noticeable vignetting at all apertures, slightly more distortion than the CineNikkor, but to me it had the nicest colour rendition (subjective, I know). I kept the Switar and sold the others. But seldom use it now after getting into S16 glass.


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              Nice update LKSC !

              Yes it depends on what one likes in the way a lens "paints". My 2 CineNikkors are now waiting to be shipped back to me, so will be interesting to see real world how they perform. When I bought them I was in my "retro look" phase, so hoping they give an older less precise look.


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                All my custom made accessories for BMMCC/BMMSC now available here