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Matching lenses - Nikon Ais and Zeiss ZF

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  • Matching lenses - Nikon Ais and Zeiss ZF

    Do you guys see much importance in having a matching set of lenses or do you just mix and match lenses and don't see it as an issue?

    I've got a Zeiss ZF 85mm 1.4 and 50mm 1.4, not the highest rated Zeiss lenses it seems but I love the bokeh from them, I don't need them to be razor sharp, they've got lots of character.

    At the moment to complete the set I have a Canon 28mm 2.8, which is fine, but I do think it has a slightly more digital look to it, which I want to get rid of. The focus ring is also a pain in the ass.

    The Zeiss ZF 25mm f2 and 2.8 are a bit pricy(2.8 is cheaper but has negative reviews for soft corners) for me right now, I'll get one eventually but I'm looking for a stop gap.

    Anyone use the Nikon 28mm 2.8 AIS and know if they will match easily with Zeiss lenses? I've used it before, but haven't been able to do a comparison.

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    I have the Zeiss 25/2.8. Most reviews you'll see for it are from photographers shooting Full Frame, High Resolution Stills. So you might notice soft corners in those cases but it's not really something you'll really notice shooting video on Super35 or smaller sensors.

    I also have the Nikon 28/2.8 AIS. The Nikon glass tends so be warmer than the Zeiss glass. If I get a chance tomorrow I'll shoot a few frames with both for you.
    Adam Roberts


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      I've got no experience with Zeiss lenses but I was in a similar boat upon first building my lens collection. I was hunting around for all these 'legacy' lenses from all different brands. Each lens was great in it's own way but ultimately the 'look' that each of them gave was way too different to match in the edit. One of my lenses was the Nikon 105mm AiS. I decided after a bit of research that investing solely in a Nikon kit would be the best thing for me. Here I am years later with about 10 Nikon Ai/AiS lenses and never regretted my decision.

      So, I would suggest building a kit around the brand you primarily have. Sell the Canon and go all in Zeiss. Cine-modding them would be a great idea too!