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Bokkelux Lenses - NAB 2016

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  • Bokkelux Lenses - NAB 2016

    Saw a post about these over at DVXuser. Surprised there's no thread about them here yet.

    Originally posted by Stephen Mick
    Every year it seems like there's a new player in the low-cost cine-lens game. This year, it's a company from Taiwan called Bokkelux.

    They only had a couple of prototype lenses at the booth, but they're making full-frame cinema lenses in a variety of mounts (EF, PL, E-Mount, and others), and promising resolution to match 8K acquisition. All the lenses will be T2.0 at the fast end, and they're working on 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm focal lengths.

    Here's a link to some sample footage they shot with a prototype.

    They say the lenses will be available in September, at a cost of less than $2,000 per lens. Worth keeping an eye on for sure.

    Here's a chart comparison to a Schneider FF, Canon CN-E and Zeiss CP.2

    And their website:
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    Aaron Lochert

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    Interesting. EF Mount + SpeedBooster would make these very interesting indeed if they start out at T2. Hate the name, but if they're better than the Xeens, then they win. Can't wait to see how they turn out.


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      Ah, more technical details available on their site. They're all APO. They also plan a 135mm, and a 'super-wide' of unknown focal length, by 1Q2017.

      110mm front filter, 12 aperture blades.


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        I agree with you about the name. A little too 'trendy' for me. But if they're optically 'good', mechanically solid, well matched, and can be easily serviced by lens technicians, then it doesn't matter to me what the name is. For $2k a piece, we'll have to see how well they can achieve this.

        The're all telecentric, too.
        Aaron Lochert


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          Test video is rather promising. Be great if they good test on a better camera and give us some footage to download.

          As long as they stick to there $2000 mark these could be quite a hit. I hope somebody comes along and does some true anamorphic's for that price.