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BMPCC glass for 'hipster promotionals'

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  • BMPCC glass for 'hipster promotionals'

    Hey guys,

    I have a $600 budget for used glass for 'hipster promotional' videos for my small business. Example videos

    Any thoughts on a good place to start?

    I can land a 12-35 2.8 at that price, or an 11-18 and a decent adapter. Any help is much appreciated.

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    Those are nicely done videos you linked to. You are considering two wide angle zooms, but I think it's the tighter shots which are the signature shots in those Shwood videos. For $600 you might have to choose between wider shots and tighter shots. Here's a suggestion:

    Metabones Nikon to BMPCC Speedbooster ($500)
    Old Nikon 50mm (I picked up an f1.4 for $60)

    Add a dumb adapter and you have some flexibility. Or you could forego the Speedbooster and spend the extra money on more old nikons, like a 135mm, 28mm, etc.


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      I second the rec for buying old Nikon glass. It can usually be picked up pretty cheap, and it's got a ton of character.


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        I agree. I bought an old Nikon 50mm f2.0 from keh for about $35. It looks pretty good.


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          I tend to agree. If you want character, and the Hipster look stick with vintage glass, which you can get piles of on your budget. Depending on where you are you can find stuff really cheap on you local online classifieds from people cleaning out closets and couldn't be bothered dealing with eBay. 28 and 50 are very common to find cheap. and you can get cheap adapters for almost nothing to test stuff out. Many mounts can be adapted to canon to use with speedboosters. The RJ works surprisingly well with vintage glass where tack sharp resolution isn't the primary concern. This is the route I have taken. I have Nikon, Pentax and some m42 stuff adapted to canon and then use both a dumb adapter and RJ focal reducer depending on situation. Many like Canon FD and put together complete sets. They can't be adapted to ef for use on cameras like the Ursa, but for Pocket it is fine, MFT adapter is fine and There are focal reducers available at affordable price points. I think Metabones even has one, but not for the pocket specific version, at which point I'm not sure its worth the price premium over the RJ, unless you have access to pristine vintage L series glass.

          I haven't tested, but for ultimate hipster, the little russian 16mm primes look pretty cool. They are all over eBay right now, but you have to source the adapter separately. I'm sure they would sell more if they just included a compatable adapter with the set.


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            I think that what you are referencing for is more a work of color correction than a lens.
            Just buy the fastest and useful lenses you can afford for your work and look into CC. Because some references you was showing are clearly shot with low light, fastest lenses would be better for color science in post.


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              Alright, so we pulled my girlfriends old Nikon F 35mm slr out of the closet and it has a Soligar 28mm f2.8, a Nikon 35mm f2.0 and a Vivitar 135mm f2.8. The Soligar is actually pretty cool, it has two aperture rings. One is click type and the other is smooth.


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                Good start, I'm sure you'll find the 35 is the real gem. Add a 50 and you'll be set except for the wide end, will likely need to go new for that. Be interesting to see how well the three would match all being different.


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                  Originally posted by lukepighetti View Post
                  Alright, so we pulled my girlfriends old Nikon F 35mm slr out of the closet and it has a Soligar 28mm f2.8, a Nikon 35mm f2.0 and a Vivitar 135mm f2.8. The Soligar is actually pretty cool, it has two aperture rings. One is click type and the other is smooth.
                  The Nikon 35mm f2.0 will give you great images at a very useful length - especially if you add a $135 Mitakon Lens Turbo. Then you'll get 2 different focal lengths out of it.
                  The only thing to watch out for with that 35mm is that it has a strong tendency to flare when in sunlight. But then again that might just be your 'money shot'.

                  Be ready to be SURPISED by the image quality of that Vivitar 135mm.

                  The Soligar I can't speak for but I bet it's going to be just as good.

                  Honestly - I think you're DONE.

                  At this rate now you can spend the full $400+ on the Metabones Speedbooster.

                  Then just pick up a Nikon 50mm Ai-s or even the newer 50mm f1.4 D autofocus lens with aperture ring which is only $300 new and is a PHENOMENAL lens. That lens on my Mitakon Lens Turbo speedbooster is so good that it's the lens I compare ALL my other lenses to.

                  That 28mm on a speedbooster will be pretty wide for a lot of stuff.

                  Nikon made good older 20mm manual lenses - but honestly they are not that cheap these days even used. Between $350 and $450 on eBay still.

                  The Samyang/Rokinon 16mm Cine lens is probably the best low-cost wide angle NON-fisheye lens out there. And with the 2 different lengths the speedbooster will give you it's going to be very useful.
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                    Fully agree with DP stewart, for your stated Budget get the Rokinon 16mm for your wide, the 50mm you can get away with 1.8 as none of your other lenses are superspeed and at 1.8 is just as sharp, And one of the better Generic speedboosters. I have the RJ second generation and it is great. My weakening middle aged eyes can no see a difference between using a lens with an optical adapter and not. Other pixel peepers with vary of course.


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                      I just picked up a 12-35 before reading the rest of your posts. Was that a foolish move? I can throw it up on ebay, I got a good price on it so I should get it all back.


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                        Nah, it is a fine lens to use. Especially for handheld shots. I'd focus more on the post production side first of all to get the look you seek


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                          My situation changed rapidly and now I am in posession of a BMPCC with a dummy nikon adapter and a metabones nikon speedbooster. So it sounds like I ended up right where you guys intended. That 35+speedbooster should be fairly wide and bright, yeah?


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                            No, it is not wide. With speedbooster it is near to be standart portrait lens, it should be like ~60-75mm on FF. In my experience wides on SB (pocket version) + pocket starts at 24mm and lower.
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                              I would say the 28 is closer to a "normal" lens, at 16.25mm FOV with a SB. A 25mm somewhat wide at 14.5mm, and Rhe 18mm would be more like a standard wide, with a 10.5mm equivalent FOV on a SB.