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Non speedooster EF-M43 adapter with aperture?

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  • Non speedooster EF-M43 adapter with aperture?

    I have a metabones Nikon speedbooster which is great, however I'd like to have a standard adapter to utilise the longer end of my glass when needed, the problem is they either seem to have no way of changing aperture or they have their own built in blades which mean the bokeh doesn't match when using the adapter. What I want is an adapter that works the built in aperture blades like the metabones but without the speedboost.

    Any help greatly appreciated.
    Last edited by foggy; 09-07-2015, 02:58 PM. Reason: Meant Nikon not EF.

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    Metabones makes a Canon EF to MFT "Smart Adapter". Offers same Iris control as the SB.


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      If you are using Nikon and not EF it is not that hard as there are many Nikon G to Mft adapters that have true aperture control via the lever on the back of the lens. Metabones even makes one and is not nearly as expensive as the electronic smart adapter. If you are actually using EF Glass I would just leave the speed booster on all the time and add a longer lens to your kit, as the available electronic adapters are nearly as pricey as the speedbooster version.


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        Speaking of non-glass EF->m43 adapters, anyone tried the Kipon Electronic adapter that came out a few months ago on the BMPCC?

        Seems like a cheaper alternative to Metabones.