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Kowa PROMINAR 8.5mm F2.8

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  • Kowa PROMINAR 8.5mm F2.8

    I am wanting to pick this lens up. Has anyone here used it? Seems pretty sweet!

    The lack of distortion is what has me intrigued. Wondering if the image quaility is up to snuff. The samples I've seen seem pretty good!

    Planning on using it on a bpmcc, FYI.

    I can't make up my mind if I should go with the kowa 8.5mm or the slrmagic 10mm

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    What's the price on that little guy? I can't find it anywhere.


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      These might give you an idea:

      I think it's massively overpriced. I would be much happier if they could replace the mount on the KOWA 8mm f/1.4 LM8HC:


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        Holy crap! Way too much! The SLR 10mm is a really well built lens and the distortion is very minimal. It has much less than the Tokina 11-16 at 11. Check Kholis videos with the 10mm, they are really nice. I planned to shoot a promo last week with it but the gym was so dim, I had to use the 18-35 and speedbooster just to get exposure.


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          I guess im not so much interested if the kowa is priced appropriately, but rather if it performs well. I will be shooting the interior of aircrafts, so i think that extra 1.5-2mm will come in handy compared to the slr magic 10mm and upcoming voightlander 10.5mm. kowa can be had for $900, btw.


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            ended up purchasing the kowa for $900 on ebay. ill be sure to post my thoughts once its here. the waiting game begins!


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              it arrived over the weekend. So far so good! I have a shoot tomorrow with it. I will report back with my findings and a sample clip soon. cheers!


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                Hi erer!

                Do you have any follow up comments on the Kowa 8.5mm f/2.8? I'm thinking about getting one for my bmpcc too. I mainly do personal documentaries for fun and am looking for a lens I can keep on my camera almost all of the time. Currently I use the Lumix 15mm f/1.7 exclusively, and its been serving me well. But I was wondering if I should go wider. Thoughts on this?

                Thanks, and I'm looking forward to seeing your work with the Kowa!